Life-like animal sculptures

Sketched by designers. Scalpel cut model. Hand-painted.

Un travail d'artiste.

Des premières esquisses en passant par la découpe du moule au scalpel jusqu'à la peinture, toutes nos sculptures passent entre les mains de plusieurs artisans.
Découvrez la naissance de nos sculptures animales en visionnant cette vidéo d'1 minute:

Een kunstenaarswerk.

Vanaf de eerste schetsen, via het snijden van de mal met een scalpel, tot het schilderen, gaan al onze beelden door de handen van verschillende ambachtslieden.

Bekijk in deze 1 minuut durende video hoe onze diersculpturen worden gemaakt:

An artist's work.

From initial sketches, through cutting the mold with a scalpel, to painting, all of our sculptures pass through the hands of different craftsmen.

See how our animal sculptures are made in this 1-minute video:

Das Werk eines Künstlers.

Von den ersten Skizzen über das Ausschneiden der Form mit einem Skalpell bis hin zur Bemalung gehen alle unsere Skulpturen durch die Hände verschiedener Handwerker.

Sehen Sie in diesem 1-minütigen Video, wie unsere Tierskulpturen hergestellt werden:

True-to-life animal sculptures 

Are you looking for the perfect decoration to add some life to your garden? Look no further than realistic animal sculptures! These sculptures are more than just your average garden decor. They capture the essence of the animal in such a lifelike way that they appear more real than the actual animals themselves. It's no wonder why these sculptures have become such a popular trend among garden enthusiasts.

The smallest details count.

When it comes to animal sculptures, the level of detail and craftsmanship is truly remarkable. Every muscle, curve and line is meticulously crafted to resemble the animal as closely as possible. Whether it's a majestic lion or a proudly fished peacock, these sculptures can be considered a true work of art that will leave you breathless. A wide choice of models is available: gorilla statue, dog statue, cat statue,...

Realistic animal sculptures to impress your guests.

Not only do these sculptures add an element of realism to your garden, they also serve as a great conversation starter. Imagine having friends over for a backyard barbecue and having them marvel at your stunning animal sculptures. They'll be impressed by the level of detail and realism and will want to know where you got them from.

Design your theme.

But why limit yourself to just one sculpture? With so many animals to choose from, why not create an entire menagerie in your garden? From tigers and crocodiles to wolves and bears, there's something for every animal lover out there. You can mix and match different animals to create your own unique display that will truly make your garden stand out.

With very little maintenance.

The best part about these sculptures is that they require very little maintenance. Unlike living animals, these sculptures won't need to be fed or taken care of. They'll withstand the elements and continue to look just as beautiful as the day you first put them in your garden.

A way to bring your garden to life.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a way to make your garden come alive, look no further than realistic animal sculptures. These stunning works of art will take your breath away with their lifelike detail and add a touch of nature to your outdoor space. So go ahead and add some wild to your life with these stunning sculptures!

La collection de sculptures animales.

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De collectie diersculpturen.

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The collection of animal sculptures.

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Die Sammlung von Tierskulpturen.

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