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Garden ID : Innovation and expertise for your garden

The story of Garden ID by Croix Chatelain: a passionate family business.

For over six decades, Croix Chatelain has stood at the forefront of the gardening world, nestled in the heart of Brussels, a dynamic hub where European trends converge. In 2018, this esteemed distributor of gardening products embarked on a transformative adventure with the launch of Garden ID. This initiative was motivated by a singular ambition: to shape an innovative, high-end brand in the field of outdoor decoration. 

A bold vision for exterior design.

Garden ID is more than a brand, it's a gateway to creating magical moments in every garden. Combining decoration and functionality, the brand strives to make gardening an accessible, joyful and rejuvenating experience for everyone, regardless of expertise or time constraints.

Continuous growth: new themes for your inspiration.

Respecting today's ecological and ethical standards, Garden ID has innovated with a range of lightweight, sustainable and environmentally-friendly products, evolving through themes such as mineral, traditional, modern and FUNctional, each reflecting the dynamic spirit of gardening.

Three key principles

The launch of Garden ID was inspired by the desire to create a "magic garden", guided by three fundamental principles: Easy, Happy and Green.


Garden ID recognized the need for unique products that win the hearts of consumers and are both frost-resistant and UV-protected. This principle makes gardening effortless and pleasurable, for those who seek both quality and ease in their gardening experience.


Aware that personal style and taste are essential, Garden ID has introduced various themes to help customers express their individuality in their gardens. This approach makes gardening a joyful and creative expression of one's personality.


At the heart of Garden ID's mission is the desire to create green sanctuaries. This principle involves creating a space where people can recharge their batteries and reconnect with nature, transforming their gardens into tranquil green cocoons.

Each of these principles plays a crucial role in defining Garden ID's ethos and its commitment to making gardening an easy, happy and ecological experience for everyone.

The 3 principles of Garden ID

For a Magic Garden


Unique, favorite products, frost and UV resistant.


Several themes to determine your style according to your image and tastes.


Create a green cocoon to recharge your batteries by (re)connecting with nature.

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