Flower pots: an ecological home for plants

Inspired by Architecture for Nature.

Green Care: a sustainable home for your plants

Introducing Green Care 100% recycled flower pots and plant boxes- the perfect ecological home for your plants! These stone-effect pots and planters have been designed by architects to inspire sustainable living. They offer you durable, unbreakable planters that are 100% recycled.

Eco-friendly flower pots and planters from Green Care.

Our garden pots and the plant trough have been designed using 65% plastic waste, 5% agricultural residues and 30% natural stone powder, making them an eco-friendly choice for plant lovers. Not only are they made from recycled materials, they're also lightweight, making them easy to move from room to room or outside on your terrace.

A lightweight, durable choice.

These indoor and outdoor plant pots and the balcony plant are frost- and UV-resistant, so they'll stand the test of time and give your plants the protection they need. Our 10-year warranty gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your investment will last for years to come.

A natural stone finish.

With Green Care recycled flower pots and sustainable plant boxes, you can present a superb display of plants in your living room, on your terrace or in your garden, without harming the environment. These pots and planters have a stone-effect finish, giving them a natural look that complements any decorating style. Whether you want to plant flowers, herbs or vegetables, Green Care pots and planters are the ideal choice.

The architects' choice for sustainable living.

By choosing Green Care, you're not only looking after your plants, you're also contributing to a sustainable future. You can enjoy the beauty of nature without compromising your environmental responsibility. Our pots and planters are recyclable, making them an excellent choice for those who value sustainability in their lifestyle.

Discover the beauty and convenience of Green Care pots and planters, the perfect eco-friendly home for your plants!

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