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Recycled and recyclable flowerpots, based on 60 years' experience at the crossroads of European trends.

Garden ID flowerpots: combining trends and tradition

For sixty years, we've been pioneers in flower pots and planters. Today, with our Garden ID range, we offer you innovative plant pots, planters and cover pots, combining trend and tradition.

Durability and style

Embracing sustainable gardening, Garden ID's recycled and recyclable pots reflect growing ecological awareness, blending harmoniously with the aesthetic desires of both modern and traditional homes.

Innovations in urban gardening

Recognizing the growth of urban gardening, we've designed pots perfect for space-saving solutions such as vertical gardening and windowsill decoration, meeting the needs of the space-conscious urbanite.

Climate adaptability

In response to climate change, the Garden ID range includes designs adapted to drought-resistant planting, such as pots with water reserves, meeting the evolving needs of the Western European climate.

Functional beauty

Our range offers practicality without sacrificing style, ideal for transforming balconies, terraces and indoor spaces into green sanctuaries.

Garden ID isn't just about flower pots; it's about understanding and responding to the evolving needs of gardeners, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation.

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Vertical garden


Wellness Garden

Inviting nature into your home.

Elegant terrace

Your compositions, your style.

Water reserve

So that your plants don't run dry.

Urban garden

Your haven of peace in the city centre.

Hanging garden

Create your own jungle.

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