Decorative or functional garden accessories: why choose?

Who said that life was an eternal dilemma?

Create your own enchanted paradise with our garden accessories

Transform your garden into an enchanted paradise with our varied selection of accessories and a garden decoration to personalize and enhance your outdoor space. Are you attracted by unique, high-quality products that offer both form and function? Then look no further! Our products are the perfect blend of decoration and functionality for your garden.

From trellises to rain gauges, a variety of options to suit all tastes.

Our collection includes a variety of products that are both visually appealing and practical. From trellis for climbing roses or plants to wood-effect metal lawn edging and a plant stake with decorated with a swallow or butterfly, there's something for every taste. Our cat-shaped rain gauge are a fun and unique addition to any garden.

Attract and feed wildlife with our birdbaths and feeders.

Want to attract birds? A ceramic bird bath or bird feeder will do the trick! You can even find a bird box and large wading birds (birds such as a stork, flamingo and crane) to place on the edge of a pond to chase away predators. And if you're worried about not being able to water your plants during the hot summer months, our plant water reserves come in the form of garden gnomes, birds and even cacti.

Beauty and functionality for a clean, welcoming garden.

Our products not only add beauty to your garden, they also have practical functions. Our lawn edgings keep your garden clean and tidy, while our birdbaths and bird feeders help to nourish wildlife. Finally, our trellises and stakes provide support for your climbing plants.

Transform your garden into a wonderland.

​Don't settle for a boring garden when you can transform it into a whimsical wonderland with our innovative products! Our functional garden decoration products are sure to impress. So why wait? Give your garden a facelift with our range of garden decorations and accessories!

The Deco FUNctional collection

The range at a glance.

De FUNctionele Deco collectie

Het assortiment in één oogopslag.

The Deco FUNctional collection

 The range at a glance.

Die FUNctional Deco Kollektion

Das Sortiment auf einen Blick.

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