Transform your garden with realistic animal sculptures: the zoo at home

For all nature and animal lovers, why not add a unique touch to your garden, terrace or balcony? With Garden ID's realistic resin animal sculptures, transform your outdoor space into an enchanted zoo and bring your décor to life.

From forest creatures to tropical birds, farm animals and our faithful domestic companions, each statue adds a fascinating dimension to your space.

Choose a theme for your animal sculptures

Consistency is the key to successful decorating. Unless you have a huge garden that can accommodate several moods, define a clear theme. Think about your favorite animals and the atmosphere you want to evoke: wild, exotic, bucolic or homely.

  • Forest animals: Get closer to the wild by adding representations of deer, foxes or squirrels to your garden. For perfect harmony, combine these sculptures with local plants, evoking a forest undergrowth.
  • Jungle animals: Invite the exotic with tigers, giraffes or elephants. Combine these statues with tropical plants to evoke a lush jungle ambience.
  • Farm animals: For a warm touch, opt for cows, sheep or chickens. Include them near a vegetable garden or relaxation area to evoke the gentleness of rural life.
  • Exotic birds: Add color to your space with parrots, toucans or flamingos. These brightly colored sculptures are sure to catch everyone's eye.
  • Pets: Express your love for our four-legged companions with statues of dogs, cats and other pets. They'll add a touch of tenderness to your decor.

Adapt each theme to your space

Forest animals

  • Large garden: Imagine a doe and fawn under a tree, or a series of small rabbits playing on a lawn, or hedgehogs in the bushes, or a wild boar on the edge of the vegetable garden.
  • City garden: A wily fox could be positioned behind a hedge, giving the impression of observing its surroundings. Hedgehogs and squirrels are, of course, friends of small gardens.
  • Balcony: Squirrels or small birds, placed at the foot of planters or even integrated into your flower arrangements, can create a woodland atmosphere.

Jungle animals

  • Large garden: Create a shady area with tall trees where you can place a family of tigers or a bear and cub. Place a gorilla among the bamboo. Surprise effect guaranteed.
  • Roof in the city: Recreate a small tropical oasis with palm trees and exuberant potted plants. Hide a chimpanzee, turtles or meerkats to surprise your guests.
  • Terrace: Colorful pandas, koalas or parrots can add an exotic touch to a terrace with green plants.

Farm animals

  • Large garden: A corner with a donkey and sheep, close to a small vegetable garden, can evoke a rustic farm.
  • Backyard: Position chickens or ducks around a small fountain or pond.
  • Balcony: Even on a small balcony, a goat or rabbit can bring to mind the sweetness of the countryside.

Colorful birds

  • Large garden: Set up pink flamingos near a pond, and colorful parrots in the trees.
  • Balcony in the city: Place colorful macaws on a balustrade to brighten up the space.
  • Terrace: Decorate your pots and hanging baskets with small exotic or domestic birds.


  • House entrance: Place a resin dog or cat to welcome your guests.
  • Garden path: Statues of playing animals, such as kittens or puppies, can entertain the eye.
  • Patio: An area with a table and chairs can be embellished with a statue of your favorite pet.

How big should your animal sculptures be?

The size of your sculptures will depend on your space and the desired effect. A large statue is ideal as a centerpiece in a large garden, while several smaller ones can be scattered to create a surprise effect.

Installation and decoration tips  

  • Create a focal point: Use a majestic sculpture as a visual anchor in your garden, such as a lion or elephant for a jungle theme.
  • Integrate sculpture into the landscape: Plant vegetation around your statues to make them seem an integral part of the environment. Bushes can partially hide a fox or deer for added realism.
  • Play with lighting: Position lighting to highlight your sculptures at night, such as soft lighting for an owl statue.
  • Varying heights: Place some sculptures on pedestals or rocks to vary visual levels.


With resin animal sculptures from Garden-ID, you can transform your garden, terrace or balcony into a veritable miniature zoo. Whatever the mood you want to create, from wild and exotic to sweet and familiar, these realistic creatures add a touch of originality and personality to your outdoor space.

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